Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers...

It's been raining a lot the last week. I usually love the rain... but not when I'm walking around in it trying to talk to Russians. Its pretty ineffective... and wet.
This week we went to Marx. Had a good ol' time with elder Berrett (we served in the same district up in Kazan) he's still trying to convince me to go home early to finish playing Banjo Kazooie (apparently i gave up on the last level) I told him I can wait 3 months... but when i do get home I'm going to have to get that out of my system right away. so have to N64 up and running with Banjo Kazooie put in!
Ok... maybe that's not my first priority. Definitely 2nd though.
These kids in here get pretty load when playing call of duty... swear word every other word... but i think that's because i only know about half the swear words.
Speaking of swear words, I got hit for the first time on my mission!
Crossed that off the bucket list! Saratov is the highest incident report area in all of Europe East Area. That's something cool to brag about. I haven't seen very many problems on my mission, so i was glad to get a glimpse. But like i said, i haven't seen very many problems.
Most can be avoided. And the guy didn't hit very hard... it put a smile on my face that day.
We also went to a opera this week for cultural night. I'm not a fan of operas.
Marx.... Marx is a little town. Russia is weird in that a town with 5x the population of Branson can seem 5x smaller. hooray for Russian doms. but i guess Bransons kinda a weird town.
Well I'm looking forward for conference... we don't get to watch it here til the 15th. So the anticipation is building. This week my comp is going on visa trip, so I'll be up in Saratov for a day or two. next week is the last week of this cycle. Time is flying.
well... speaking of time flying, gotta go!
i love you!
love Elder Ellis

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