Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Hits...

Those were some pretty cute pictures you send me of Kennady, Eisley and the baby. Kennady is big! and i laughed at the picture with the Easter bunny, and how the baby is already becoming a REAL man. haha
This week stayed pretty entertaining. Not as entertaining as finding a pipe bomb in the church parking lot though. That's a pretty good mission story. Don't worry, it's not on my bucket list. But i did pass off an item this week. In answer to Kortney's question, whether i got punched or hit by a car, i can now answer both! The first one was a good hit to the face (not as hard as my freshman year)... but this week i got hit by a car! Not a hard hit by any means, just suddenly i was sitting on the hood of a car. He just tapped into me really, but enough that i can make the claim that i among the missionaries that got hit by a car!
General Conference was good. We got to watch a good portion in English. I've become a lot more appreciative of the opportunity we have to listen to a prophet of God every 6 months. A good portion of the members here are a little more apathetic about it... but looking back 3 years ago... so was I. I'm glad I've grown that appreciation on my mission.
I've now entered into my last 2 cycles.... to exactly 12 weeks left. I didn't get transferred and neither did my comp. Both of the elders i trained are joining us down in the Saratov zone. One of them is my new zone leader.... not sure how i feel about that. but all will be well.
Being on a mission isn't always fun. I'd even say that most of the time it's not. It'd been a lot more fun staying home and not going.
But the rewards of these 2 years FAR outweigh the fun could be had not serving. One of the biggest factors to me choosing to serve was that i knew I'd regret it my whole life if i chose not too. Now, having almost finished, I still agree with that reason. And i see how grateful I'll be for the rest of my life for my decision to serve a mission. If i had to make the decision again, I'd have no hesitations to serve. And well, I've still got time to do so!
I love you all! Hope everything goes well
love, Elder Ellis

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