Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Week...

The weather has been quite lovely the last couple of days. really foggy in the mornings and nice sunny and warm during the day. I've been enjoying it. But with nice weather people are out on their scooters and motorcycles... so i can't wait to take Scarlett out this summer.
We're looking forward to watching general conference (hopefully in English?) this next weekend, and coloring eggs in the morning. (for sure in English)
Nothing too exciting this week. We thought we were almost going to have an incident report on Saturday. We walked out of our apartment and heard a guy yelling "hey Americans!" usually when this happens its best to just ignore it and keep walking. So we did so. he yelled after us a few more times and started following us. We came to an intersection and he came up and starting yelling at my comp (who was doing a poor job of acting like he didn't notice). The guy was getting pretty rallied up so i decided to start talking to him. But he just wanted to talk to my comp. Finally i get my comp to reply to him... turns out... he was an investigator we had invited to go to the activity we were headed to! woops! I had never met him (being new here) but my companion has no excuses.
This last week (being my birthday week) we bought 6 kilos of ice cream. usually we get 1 each week. We ate it all and I'm trying to convince my companion we have the means to make this a weekly occurrence. I think I'm going to try and see just how much weight i can gain before i come home. I'm currently back up to my mtc weight :) (12lbs heavier than when i arrived)
I plan on running a lot when i get home....
well.... That's about all i got
The countdown hasn't started, but I'll see you 3 months from today.
love you all!
love, Elder Ellis

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