Monday, April 30, 2012

This week is going to be a fast one...

Well, this was a long week, but a pretty good one. We did service without stepping in poo. Finished repairing a garage door for and investigator. I really appreciate the way dad builds now. That's all I'll say.
This week is going to be a fast one. Tonight my comp gets on a train to Samara. I come back to work with Elder Bearden (yeah!) all day Tuesday. Wednesday we pick up our comps at the train station and we'll have about half the day before we go back up to the train station where elder Bearden and i will take a night train to Samara. Thursday we'll work in Samara, Friday visa trip (get to go to the temple!) and then Saturday work in Samara take a night train home, jump in a taxi to make it on time to church. Everyone one else from Saratov is just flying out from Saratov, but i some how lucked out to get to spend the week with elder Bearden traveling. (i really like traveling... my favorite method is bus rides. They're during the day and i can just sleep. wake up, get off the bus, and it's already time to go to bed.) 2 years of missionary work makes for one really tired person... all the time. When i get home i expect to be a zombie for at least a few days. Speaking of zombies... I've been realizing how zombie proof Russia is.
Oh, happy anniversaries! I just realized it's already the last day of April.
well... this one's going to be a little short, time's up
love you!
love, Elder Ellis

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