Monday, April 23, 2012

No Iguanas here...

It's officially short sleeve weather here.
We tried to have a sports night, but only rain showed up.... and no that's not a hippy name of an investigator or member. Its seems to be raining pretty good right now too... should be a good walk home.
I doubt there are iguanas in Russia... but who knows, its a big country. Maybe down towards the southern part? none here. our Internet club is name Hameleon tho... i think they forgot the C.
So I've been hearing a lot about Romney over here too. good and bad.
I've heard several times that Romney said that if he's elected then Russia is America's #1 enemy. They all claim to have seen and heard it themselves.... but the same don't know English and unless Romney served a mission in Russia i doubt , что он емеет говорить Russian. So fill me in on that.
The work has been a little slow, but we've been finding a lot of opportunities to serve. two weeks ago we helped build a wooden garage door out of scrap wood, and raise a roof that had fallen in a chicken pen. we'll be going back out there tomorrow, maybe to shovel out all the poop that was in there. This last week we helped a member carry some suplies for his house he is building. He has a big dog that likes to poop all over the yard. So far all of our service has resulted in stinky boots.
I've got a visa trip next week, so i should get that package that's been waiting in the office for me a while. Luckily my companions birthday was in April too, so I've already had some cake and ice cream.
speaking of ice cream.... I decided not to follow through on my experiment to see how much weight i could gain in the 11 weeks left...
it was working too well. we've started to run some mornings. but my comp isn't much of a runner.
well.... i think the rain actually stopped, so we're going to make a run for it.
love you!
love, Elder Ellis

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