Monday, March 26, 2012

Where's Waldo, I mean Dustin?

(Hint- Yellow tie)
Not a whole new lot going on here in Engels. We've had a pretty good amount of lessons this last week and we're looking to have some good ones this week as well. We set up a baptism for June 20... so if I'm still here in Engels that'll probably be the last baptism of my mission. We have 2 that are planning to get baptised in April (we'll
see?) And we're hoping to set a goal for may with one lady. So, the work is rolling on.
Spring has been been creeping in and out. A warm day of sun followed by a cold snowy day. I got a little sick this week from walking around with wet feet for a day out in the chasni sector... (Russia housing consists of big giant apartment buildings for most of the population, and small houses on the outskirts of town.) Engels has a lot of houses being a smaller city. 250,000?
So after that day I've been pretty much sticking to my waterproof boots.
We went out to a members house and met with a few of their friends.
The husband (member) is in the mission presidency. They have a pretty big, but rather full house. Bigger than our house, but not as nice.
But still a nice house. The people they introduced us to know them because they have some sort of group that doesn't eat anything that is cooked. it was an interesting meal. Our stomachs are rather used to fried food so they haven't yet recovered from the change up.
This week we should be heading out to Marx (the other city in our
district) to do exchanges. Marx is the smallest city in the mission...
about 30,000. it's about 2 hours away from engels.
There's a less active member here who knows what Branson is! half my companions don't even realize what Branson is until i tell them that King of the Hill and The Simpsons both have Branson episodes.
well.... i love you!
Elder Ellis

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