Thursday, January 5, 2012


Pictures as promised!

Happy 2012!My companion is started to get a little nervous for next December... not so much that he thinks the world is going to end... just a lot of Russians do. Fortunately I’ll be back in America when "the end of the world" rolls around.

Not a whole lot went on this week... Especially as far as meetings or finding new people to teach. We did have one meeting with an investigator! The curse is lifting? I think it's called "after the new year" curse. At least that's what I’m hoping it was.It's weird to think about that i spent all of 2011 out of America. I would say in Russia, but I’ve also been in Lithuania and Ukraine on visa trips.

I sent some pictures, hope you got them! They actually took up most of my time for today :/sorry so short, but pictures are worth 1000 words right?

love,Elder Ellis

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