Saturday, December 31, 2011


I was planning on sending you a few pictures of my last Christmas in Russia, but i forgot my card reader on the washing machine. bleen.
but here are the captions
1. Our fireplace and Christmas Tree! I'm sure this could make it on the red and green show. We like to sit around the fireplace whenever we're home. Its so cool looking that it even makes us think that we getting warmth from it!
2. Christmas Party at the branch building. There's not enough primary kids to play all the parts... and since we're the foreigners, we gotta be the wise men!
Those captions would be more entertaining with the pictures... but we'll just let that build some anticipation for next weeks letters.

So, it was good talking to you all this morning! I'm not really sure what else to say today... even though i really didn't talk that much.

We haven't been having very much success lately. The two biggest things we try for are to find new investigators and having lessons with a member present. we're "expected" to find one new investigator a day, and about one member present lesson a day. We haven't found any in two weeks, and we haven't had a lesson with a member in 4. So thats a little rough. But i hope it'll turn around soon. Everyone should be less busy after new years. You would expect everyone to be more receptive around the holiday season... but when the focus is on getting drunk and presents on new years, and not the birth of Christ, it just makes everyone busy. Next comes the cold.

The good thing about Christmas being past is getting to eat all the stuff that was in my stocking. We always have good things to eat (candy bars etc.) but this last week anytime we got something we would just put it in out stockings. by the time Christmas morning rolled around we had forgotten what all was in there and so it was actually a surprise!

We finally got the November Liahona and i've quite glad to finally get to read the conference talks. it takes a while... especially since i fall asleep everytime i start reading anything... but i'm greatful to finally have that.

I did open my presents from my GRAND mother and sister. Thank you!!!

well, i do love you all. I'll be glad to be spending next Christmas with my family!

Elder Ellis

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