Monday, January 23, 2012

More of Kazan!

I'm staying in Kazan another cycle! My companion didn't get transferred either so I’ll still be with elder Johnson. i now only have 3 more transfers to avoid going somewhere else.We had a really good day of church yesterday. Our recent convert got the Mel. Priesthood and another man got the Aaronic. Everybody was really nice and nobody argued on any lessons. My companion looked over at me during priesthood and said "It's like we're in America!" because nobody was arguing about doctrine and then looking to us to tell them who is right. But soon after there was a little disagreement and my companion said "oh... never mind". i just asked him if he remembered elders' quorum in a family ward. We then agreed it was normal and a very good day in church.
I was a bit sick this week after having to run home about a mile to be on time. Running in -13 is not fun or healthy. But i think I’m better now... I’ve successfully passed it on to my companion!It’s been kinda cold. But not rather cold. Last year at this time was already below -20 consistently. The worst we've gotten is -15 (+5 F). It is a mild winter over here too.... but still kinda cold! we spent 6 hours the other day outside with -15. We were contacting someone who lives just on the outskirts of our area and there is only one bus that goes out there. We missed it by 3 minutes... so we ended up standing at the bus stop for way too long. The home doesn't exist.We've not really had any good lessons lately... Or many lessons at all. Well i guess i should say we haven't TAUGHT any lessons lately. We've sure been learning some though.
We went to the kremlin last Monday. it ended up being even better than last time. Except.... my companion discerned "do not shoot or handle fireworks, firearms, explosives or similar activities" to include crossbows. Dang!
Today we just cleaned.
Well, love you!
Elder Ellis

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