Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd Christmas...

Happy Birthday Kendra!Merry Christmas! The second Christmas came and went pretty silently (as it often does in Russia) but i was able to open Christmas gifts on it! (I got the packages from mom and GRAND mother) I’m savoring the white fudge Oreos!.... The banana bread.... well.... it was more of a bacteria colony by the time i got it. But that’s ok, i do know how to make it :)
I got so many toys for Christmas! it made me quite happy. It's hard to find time to play with them all, but it's me... I’ll find the time! (my companion and I spent maybe an hour last Monday unhatching all the dino pills Kendra gave me before i left... they're now filling our sink! we told the zone leaders they couldn't use the sink when they came because of them.)
The highlight of the week was probably the New Year’s part we had on the 6th. MANY came and also a lot of investigators and less actives (we had 8 non-members) one of our investigators came with her mom and they invited us over for dinner with their whole family tonight! We're way excited about it... we just hope they aren't serving fish.
At the activity we once again participated in the play. This time not as wise men, but as minions! We got to play with the really cool toy guns that all Russian kids seem to have. (In the summer i often duck behind cars to avoid being shot by the imaginary bullets that kids always shoot us with... that really bugged one of my companions)
Elder Johnson and i get along pretty well. And, we teach really well together.... if only we had more people to teach! (We’re not very good at finding people.... at least not the "1 a day" expectation.
We've seen a few snow boarders walking home from the slopes lately. And there are always cross country skiers around town. Makes me disappointed I’ll be getting home in summer and won't be able to go skiing right away. I'm jealous of your present mom. I'll take canoe trip though. In just 6 months. Not sure how i feel about hitting my 6 month left mark today.
I've really enjoyed reading the conference edition Liahona lately. I remember watching a few of them in Russian and feeling the spirit during the talks and thinking I’d really want to get the full meaning in English. (i understood a lot, just there’s always a little missing when it’s in another language). I've been reading some of those talks lately and I’m understanding why i felt such a strong spirit when i listened to conference. It's the exact things that our investigators and i need at this time. Conference really is such a blessing.
My comp has a visa trip this week, so i'll be heading down with him. Another week on the bus. I'll be working in good ol' Novo-k while I’m down there. Hopefully I’ll see a couple members that i like from that branch when I’m there.
well, that's the time for today
love you all!
love, Elder Ellis

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