Monday, January 30, 2012

February made me shiver!

Well, it's the end of January... and thus the end of our "nice weather"we've been around -10 to -15 (15 to 5?) for most of the last few weeks, but today we're at -20, (-5?) and it's just supposed to get colder. February is the real Russian winter. Here we go!The Sartoris came up this weekend to do apartment checks and visit the branch. We of course passed our apartment check. we only got marked off on not having any water (we have to buy water in the big 5 gallon jugs because the tap water will give you worms!) and we ran out the day before and planned to get some at dinner, but ended up not having dinner. Then it was sunday so we couldn't buy any. So this morning we were glad to finally have a cold glass of water. And it was COLD by the time we carried it home.
I don't have a lot of interesting things to say this week, or a lot of time, but i will share with you a neat experience about getting answers that we search for.
So, i have a few questions I’ve been trying to find answers for in my personal study. I've tried to find the answers in the scriptures, but if it’s in there it doesn't make sense to me. We also had a member who had some questions about finding answers, so I’ve been trying to prove God on the principle. Well, i haven't found the answer in my studying. (This may also be due the fact i can't read more than 10 minutes without falling asleep) but when the Sartoris came, they brought us mail. Of course, my GRAND mother has been writing me, and upon reading her letters i found she had answered my question!
Often our answers come in unexpected ways.
Elder Ellis

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