Monday, March 12, 2012


Well... I've been out of Kazan for a week now... still haven't adapted yet.
The last time I've had to go somewhere I hadn't already been was last April (going to Kazan for the first time) So I'm not entirely used to not know anything about where I'm living and so on. I'm also not used to being a junior companion. It's actually pretty nice in a lot of instances, but my companion ( as 'new' as he is) is used to having to talk to everyone the whole time with little input from his companion.
So I've been silenced lately.
But, Elder Hill is a nice guy. It's been a pretty fun week serving with him and we'll just have to see how it goes.
I've not really met any of the members here (this last week was a holiday on Thursday, Friday was vacation as well, which makes Sunday a work day... so everyone was at work) 19 out of 40 or so active members came. So I'm looking forward to getting to know the members here in Engels.
This week we have Zone Conference. Should be interesting.
One of the nice things about being in Engels is I'm in the same district as Elder Berrett. He was in our district in Kazan for a while and i like him more than i do most the elders. Each generation of missionaries seem to have their different breeds. I haven't gotten accustomed to much of the younger missionaries. But I'm glad i can be 'near' (he's serving in marks.. 2 hours away) someone i get along with better. Ok, i get along with most, just not all of them do i like to get along with. (those Utah elders.... just kidding) Elder Hill and i are going to go hit up the market today and see what we can find. We gotta get a nice spatula to go with the nice pan i brought with me from Kazan. I might bring it home...It was free... so it's not really bought with MSF. It's a nice pan.
Well.... I'll update you next week on life in "The City of Engels"
(I'm apparently the only one that makes the connection between Engels and Angels) Hopefully it'll be warmer! It was warm in Kazan when i left, so I didn't pack my scarf. well... it's cold here!! but i should only have a week or so until it starts warming up for good... March 21st... the REAL start of spring... not the 1st as though among Russia.
love you all!
love, Elder Ellis

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