Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day late, dollar short...

Sorry i wasn't able to write yesterday... and i am just gonna try to sneak in a quick e-mail cuz i haven't got much time this week. But, i finally have something to talk about. I got transferred. I'm sitting in saratov right now and in a few minutes I'll be going to get my stuff and heading over the former worlds' longest bridge to the "city of engels.' i assume it to be just like LA "the city of Angels" (pronounced almost the same) only this particular 'angel' happens to be a former communist leader of the soviet union. so... you can imagine the differences. I didn't really want to leave kazan... even if it meant i got to ride an overnight train (I'm one of the FEW missionaries to have not ridden one, and I've been here a year longer than MOST) ((it's just like i imagined it to be from Goldeneye!! just... less AK-47s and i don't have a laser watch to get out))
I'll be serving with Elder Hill from Albuquerque...... New Mexico. From what i know he's just the happiest person there is. I think it will be good. but we'll see!
I'll try to make sure to write a good amount next week :)
well, i do love you!
love Elder Ellis

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