Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Fur Shapka...

Tomorrow is the beginning of spring! It's been WARM here (i think today is somewhere around 35-40!) And the streets are turning into muddy lakes... gotta love spring. We'll have about 3 weeks of this weather, 2 weeks of lovely weather, 3 weeks of hot (but not miserable), and then Summer should kick in full force after that. The whole time the streets will be muddy and the dead animals will start dethawing creating that lovely smell of Spring!
This last week was a pretty good one. I bought myself a nice birthday present.... a little early... but its the right time for shapka shopping! I got a nice big (understatement) fox fur shapka. Several weeks ago i saw it in Kazan for about 170 dollars. They were selling it here for 100 and i was able to talk them down to 65. Thanks for the gift! I love it. I'd send pictures, but i think its just much better to wait and see it in person.
Last week we also had zone conference. It was pretty good. Kinda weird being in the Saratov zone... (I've been able to avoid it for 20 months. But once you go south to the Saratov zone you don't have very good chances of getting out. So i think I'm here in Engels for good.
This week we've got exchanges with the zone leaders (I dread these) but i'll be spending most my time with Elder Anderson, so I'm not too bitter about it. Elder Anderson is from North Dakota and spent some time in the marines. I've enjoyed his company on visa trips before so i think i'll get by these next couple days.
We've been having meetings. A large percentage of the population here seems to be old communist men who claim atheism. most cities are more full of bobyshki that claim to be orthodox. There's definitely a lot less muslims here than in Kazan.
Well... i guess that's about the time i have i love you all and hope your enjoying spring I pinched my companion on saturday. I was wearing my green watch already.
Love, Elder Ellis

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