Monday, February 27, 2012

Legendary Red Lada....

Typing up all the essays took up all my time to write home this week, (working on an application for BYU), but I'll try to be a little less brief than a few weeks ago.We are finally seeing a little success after having a special fast to help us find people to teach. So it's been a pretty good week. It's been warming up and snowing a lot lately. I think the legendary red lada outside of our apartment will finally get completely buried. I've come to realize how much the members here could benefit from studying the scriptures to learn their doctrine ("some" just like to make their own up...)
Transfers are coming up the end of this week... we're getting nervous.
If I'm here another cycle I'm going to try to learn a good amount of tatar. I wanted so badly to check this language on the application.
I found it funny that i couldn't find Russian in the P languages... (P is the equivalent of R is Pycckuu)
well, that's the time i got
love you!
love elder Ellis

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