Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

well.... another week.
our investigators are dropping like flies.
The people we do teach don't actually give us time to teach.
I'm can't say negative things about the area that i serve in.... but i will say that some people are not crazy.
everyone likes to comment on my language and its not super fun.
our apartment is still in boxes waiting for us to move again... which will probably be at least another month and a half.
My companion keeps information from me... and i'm no big fan of secrets.
secrets don't make friends.... they make disunity.
We did have exchanges this week with the assistants. Elder Eres was on a few lessons with me and walked out about as frustrated as i've been these past 2 weeks. He told me that i have got the patience of.... something really patient. Which is quite needed for this area.
We did get put back into a district. which is good. Except we have to make the 20 min - 3 hour trip to samara. it all depends on traffic. but we're always really early or rather late. I'm no fan of being late.
Finally tracked down one of my old investigators that i taught when i was here last time. he was rather happy to see me, but said his life just isn't in a place right now that he can come to church or meet with us. I tried to explain that that's when we need the gosple the most... but he just said he'd come when he was ready. which would be after his probation... in november 2012.
So... things weren't so fun this last week... but it can really only get better. and i expect it to.
Happy Birthday Mama! I love you!
Happy Fourth of July! I will not be playing with any bottle rockets this year.... it's not allowed.
I am wearing grandpa's red white and blue tie today. the only time i've gone astray from solid color in the last 11 months.
I hope you all enjoy the holiday! I'm jealous.
love you all!
Elder Ellis

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