Monday, July 18, 2011

Cats and Chickens...

The recent topic of discussion in our apartment is who is getting the transfer in two weeks. We both have been told we will probably be training next cycle. Which means one of us will be in Novo-k… and the other will be set free. Novo-k is a great city…. But it’s a tough one to work in. I wouldn’t mind being here another cycle… but I’ve heard many of the members express their hopes that I’ll be the one transferred. Apparently they think I don’t understand them when they say stuff like that to my companion. Well… that much I do understand. At first I was a little offended… but then I thought I’d just agree with them. Now, I could go either way. I do pray for “Elder Maksymov to have success in novo-k next cycle” in our companionship prayers… but that’s mainly to irritate my companion. It works. He threw my copy of preach my gospel at me this morning and the front cover tore off. I’m in the middle of fixing it with colorful ducktape, my Leatherman, and patience.
This last week went even faster than the previous. We’ve stayed busy. We’ve been nice to each other. And I’ve been happy. We went out to our landlady’s dacha to do some service and teach her a lesson this past week. We gathered berries, played with some chickens, and gathered more fruits. She offered us to cook us some chicken for dinner. I got a little excited thinking I could help her prepare one of her chickens for dinner…. But she informed me that we were going to eat last summer’s chickens, and that she would be preparing this summers’ chickens in October. She said she would let me know and invite me to help if I was still here in October. I figure it would be a good experience for me. If I’m going to eat a chicken… I think I should be prepared to kill one.
Our cat man might get baptized on the 30th… but I’m not holding my breath. He prayers more sincerely that most people I’ve heard pray… but Its hard not to laugh when he starts talking to his cats during his long prayers… “help me to know what to do… help me to know if I need to get baptized…. *meow* quiet belka! I’m not asking you! Deemka… stop being a hooligan!...”
Well… that’s about it for now.
Oh! I got yet another wonderful package from my GRAND mother.
She spends too much money on me.
Love you all!
Love, Elder ellis

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