Monday, July 11, 2011

Beat the Heat!

Wella wella
This week really flew by.
Our zone leaders came on splits with us this week... which was good. The best part was that they organized all the junk in our apartment for us. Apparently they must be reading in Mosiah 2 where it talks about leaders should serve those they lead, and that when we're in the service of others we are only in the service of God. I learned from their example. At first when they pointed out that our apartment was a mess, i wasn't really ready to listen to them. Just we haven't bothered organizing much because we figured as soon as we did so we would just have to throw it all in the back of 6 taxis again and move it somewhere new. that seems like a really long run-on sentence. In the end, our junk is organized, and i learned a thing or two about service and leadership.
My companion has been teaching me a lot about patience and humility. I haven’t been learning though. It's about time i apply the skills i learned from my sisters.... except the whole walking away... neel za. (forbidden). Our companionship is basically like Elder Wagley and his companion when they came to catch the opossum. I have a greater understanding and respect for that companion now. And of course nobody remembers that companions name... Elvis... Alex.... Alice... Andrea.... Yellis...
We went out to a small village where a couple members live this week. Ended up with 3 new investigators, and a couple potentials. We'll head out there again soon.... when we have money. its almost 700 rubles (~23 dollars) to travel out there.... which greatly cuts into our MSF.
It has been HOT. The temperature peaked at 43 degrees Celsius (110 Fahrenheit) on Friday. We took the train back from our district meeting in samara and it was the HOTTEST I’ve EVER been in my life. I thought i was going to die. I'm asking myself what happened to the Samara Russia i heard about... high of 70 degrees in the summer, low humidity. The only truth to my beliefs was the lows of -40 in the winter.
Our old man investigator didn't get baptized this week. He understands all that we've taught him... just has some hesitations on actually getting baptized. He's just a lot more comfortable talking to his cats than to church members. However, I think WE have gained the status of cats with him. Although he doesn't call us hooligans... and he still talks to his cats more.
Well... that's about all the interesting and boring news i have to talk about today.
I did buy me a watermelon on the 4th of July. Ate half of it for lunch... the other half for dinner the next day.
It’s too hot to cook... so I’ve gone back to my old eating habits of cereal and strawberry shakes.
Which really has so many benefits... I love strawberry shakes, It doesn't heat up our apartment, Little preparation time, AND my pants are no longer too big.
Well.... love you all!
Love, Elder Elvis.

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