Monday, June 27, 2011

Frusrating week...

Hello family!
This week was not a very fun one.... but at least it was a quick one.
We had one investigator (who reminds me of my GRAND mother because she has the most valuable unique spiritual insights, and takes enough thought to gift me with 'something laying around the house' even when there isn’t a lot of resources for gifting. (Anyone can go out and buy a gift... it takes wisdom and love to gift with something you already have)) Anyway, now that’s explained, this lovely investigator was supposed to get baptized this week and was all but ready... until we talked about tithing. She did not get baptized, and probably now wont for a while. So i was frustrated about that.
Tithing is a hard thing for a lot of people to have faith to pay in Russia apparently. And it’s quite frustrating when you see from the right perspective that tithing an opportunity God has granted us with so that we can show our love for him and secure blessings for us and our families that we so desperately need.
We talked to one member about tithing this week.... she couldn't pay because she would be buying a new tv. She would pay exactly the amount for the new tv each month that was needed for her to be a full-tithe payer. Well... God ended up blessing her and in the end the electronic store wouldn't sell her the tv she wanted.
Other frustrating things from this week: when i say something in clear Russian.... the investigator looks at me... then to my companion and says "translate that please". My companion then repeats the same words i said and suddenly they understand.
I guess the good thing is that i can speak Russian.
Well... that's about it from this week.
i love you all!
Elder Ellis

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