Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year I’ll be thankful to be in Kazan!
Oh, and Happy Halloween. I'm dressing up as Elder Bearden this year. Only... i didn't let him wear my matching orange tie and watch today.
Oh, and Happy Birthday Kortney.
And Kennady and Eisley... bad uncle. In my defense I’ve been in a Russia all of Eisley's life, and a good portion of Kennady's.
My companion and i escaped the transfer calls. I'm pretty happy about this.
The rest of my district wasn't so lucky.. their area is being white washed and they are both sitting on a bus as i type.
Count your blessings! Elder Bahr will be taking their spot and will be training. Elder Bahr came out one cycle after me and he's been an office elder for the last couple cycles.
Also, the last of the older Elders head out tomorrow... so I’m now the 3rd oldest missionary in our mission? maybe up to 6th. if so the others go home next cycle. I've made it this far without being a leader! Just 8-9 more months of avoiding making myself look good.
We had a wonderful baptismal service on Saturday for our investigator. She asked me to do the baptism, so i had to bust out my white pants. I don't like actually baptizing. I wish they would pick members.
last week my companion and i had a good p-day wandering around the center and buying some souvenirs. I bought some pretty cool Kazan souvenirs. I felt dumb, like i was shopping in the "Branson" sweatshirt section of the Wal-Mart on the strip. i got some kinda cool stuff. and then some stupid stuff that i just couldn't resist. i.e. a little pillow that is in the shape of a yellow cat that says "from Kazan with love" on its stomach. My companion told me that was a dumb buy... but i think that was actually one of my favorites....
we saw a little bit of snow on Saturday. It didn't stick at all. My companion was pretty excited to see "the first snow of the season". I told him it didn't count. I'm sure he's e-mailing his family right now about the "first snow of the season".
Well... that's most of what i have to say today.
I love you and wish you a happy start to the Holiday season.... which starts tomorrow in Branson... and just never ends in Russia.
I want pictures of your costumes.
love, Elder Ellis.

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