Wednesday, October 12, 2011

General Conference and pictures!

Pictures first! (Almost 800 photos were sent to the Mom with no information to explain. Here are a few random ones that the Mom liked...ENJOY!)

General Conference was good... as much as i understood. I do enjoy listening in Russian because it requires me to listen more to the spirit than the words that are being said. It does make President Monson's body language a little bit stranger to understand though. And Elder Holland didn't yell... although his face sure looked like he was.
The message that I got out of conference was that of Continuing to Grow, and becoming a better testifier of Jesus Christ. We need to continue to grow so that we can teach by the Spirit (and to perfect ourselves). If we are not learning and increasing our faith in doctrine principles, than as Alma 32 says, our faith becomes dormant. At that point we are teaching from our knowledge, and as we do that we are not teaching by the Spirit, and we become unqualified teachers. However, if we are always growing and learning, than our faith is active. We can then teach BY THE SPIRIT.
Also we are called to be testifiers of Christ. This is an area that I can improve upon. Boldly testifying of Christ, especially in an area in the mission where many do not have that testimony of Christ already, is our calling. There is power in just the name of Jesus Christ. We should testify of Him in our words, our examples, and our love for others. We should BE a testimony of Christ.
As we grow and testify of Christ we will always be able to teach by the spirit, for the Spirit testifies of Christ.

We only really got to listen to the Sunday sessions because when we showed up on for the Saturday session (with only 2 other people other than missionaries) the electricity went out right before the opening prayer. We took the priesthood session and the Saturday afternoon sessions (the first session was stuck in the dvd player) back to the other elders' apartment to watch on their portable dvd player we have for watching training videos. But... the speaker was not loud... the screen was little... and there are 4 elders... so we got distracted, mostly by sleep.

As a mission we found 189 new investigators this week. That’s an average of 7 per companionship. But that's just a key indicator that means we're doing our job. The number really isn't anything significant.

My companion's name is elder Bearden, and he's from Orlando, but i think i told you that. He's one of the better companions I’ve had. The rest of the district i like too. Elder Beret is from Pocatello, ID, And Elder Dougherty is from.... somewhere in Virginia. No one from Utah. I really enjoy working with these 3. I'm hoping president forgets about us every time transfers role around. Elder Beret and i are already making plans to celebrate our birthdays together in Kazan. (His is April 2nd) I at least hope to be here through one holiday.

I think i might go try to open the mailbox near our house... people should have gotten letters. I definitely won't use that one anymore.

We never made it to the kremlin... and we're not going today because one of the other elders is sick, but, we're hoping next week we'll actually get to go. I’ll try to send pictures.
Today I’m going to work on putting doors back to where they should be in our apartment.
I cooked some plov with our new pan. Its sooo nice.

OH! I have a request for anyone that ever will send a package. Include a short letter with packages and explain why you got me some of the things that you did. I very much enjoy all the stuff i ever get in packages, but i do wonder once in a while what made you think to get me a gummy snake. But thank you :)

well, that's about all for now. i do love you
Elder Ellis

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