Monday, November 7, 2011

Dragons,Dinosaurs, Degrees...Dustin

It dropped over 20 degrees in a matter of 2 days. My companion is not quite enjoying Russian winter... i informed him this is just Russian fall. But... I'm not enjoying it much either. ITS COLD. the temperature is -10 degrees Celsius. which really isn't bad... but this city is WINDY. Ice is already were there once were mud puddles... elder Bearden was excited to walk on ice the first time... but after his fall count hit 1 he was a little less excited. I laughed... only because I've been there. I'm hoping to keep my fall count less than 5 this year. I don't think my companion has much of a chance since his is already ticking the first week of November.
We finally went to the Kremlin last week! i got some decent pictures. we went around 5 and it was already dark... my camera doesn't take very good night pictures. or pictures inside. but on a sunny day its a good camera!
The new elders came in this week. Its probably not going to be as fun as a cycle as last. The new elder is the definition of a green elder... I like my trainee.
The Satori's will be here this next weekend, and informed us they will be doing an apartment check. our apartment is.... not so clean. We keep it pretty tidy, just the years of grease built up on the floor around the stove, and other things of the nature, make it not so clean. We cleaned for 3 and half hours today.... and well... its still gross. Got more work to do! we've also got to work on sealing the windows a little better... our apartment is cold! i have 2 blankets, and i slept in my flannel footie pajamas last night... and well i think I'll keep my thermals on with the footie pajamas.
I got 3 packages this week! thank you! I've been thinking about growing out my beard on the mission... but now i don't have too!
I was at first confused at why MY GRAND mother thought there wasn't any toilet paper in Russia? But then i caught on and thought it made the perfect package. Thank you! I haven't really looked through the other one i got from GRAND Mother yet, (just got it last night) but it looked like useful stuff.
Love you all!
Love, Elder Ellis

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