Monday, August 29, 2011

kryesteetsya, kryerteetsya...

I lost my missionary tan this week at a picnic... I'm showing off my Texas red-neck heritage now.
Took a plane to Kiev this week for visa trip. Didn't get to go to the temple this time, but we did get back at 6 in the evening instead of 3 in the morning. That had its pros and cons. On the way back from the airport we drove through probably the most beautiful little village nestled in a valley right next to the Volga... I found where I’m going to retire to.
Our little branch here in Novo-k doesn't seem to be growing much in numbers. We only had 25 people at church this last week. But it does seem to becoming stronger. Yesterday was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting I’ve attended in Russia. The 12 year old we baptized back in February spoke with his family as well. It was way cool to see him do that for the first time.
I've finally got all my books dried out from the rain storm we got caught in last week. They're all a little wavy... but at least still readable. I did manage to buy a nice new umbrella this week.... haven't been able to use it yet though.
Been trying really hard to help quite a few people to be baptized. The ones that are ready are starting to avoid us a little. The other ones just can’t seem to get a grasp on what we're trying to teach. I'm going to have a nice chat one day with whoever made "to cross yourself" and "to "baptize" the same word in Russian. One is a central principle in the doctrine of Christ... and the other one is a false tradition.. I wish they had different words so that i could better explain this to old bobooshki.
Well... That's pretty much the time I’ve got this week.
Love you!
love Elder Ellis

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