Monday, August 15, 2011

Answers from the skies...

Welcome to e-mail list Dad.
I am having trouble lately thinking of things to say in these e-mails. Just been busy and the weeks have all been blending. Maybe one day I’ll get a transfer or something and then I’ll have something to write about rather than the 'copy and paste' e-mails I’ve been sending out lately.
I had a dream that i was back in Branson... i was doing missionary work with our district... but Emma Lennon was a sister missionary and we were knocking in Russian buildings and the intersection on 248 with the white oak station worked a lot more like the intersection in front of the provoslovne church near our apartment here. That was a weird dream.
We've been having some success lately. We've got a ton of people we've been teaching and have had less time for those that just like to argue. I just wish people would progress faster. They just set up home teaching in the branch here yesterday. I'm interested to see how that works out. Maybe one day our little novo-k branch will function how the church is supposed to function.
We got chased down by some drunks the other night. We had been walking a really really long way and we were kinda dragging our feet a little bit. It only took a group of 5 drunks to give us a little more spring in our step. The first guy that approached me grabbed my shirt as I was trying to walk away and i gave him a good shove out of reflex. There was a good moment where we both just looked at each other in surprise, and then we started walking away as his buddies came over. About 10 minutes later we hear someone running up behind us and it was our good ol' friend. We ran a little bit, all the time looking over our shoulders and laughing at his even more drunk buddies struggling to keep up.
I'm working on trying not to get annoyed with people lately. My companion has pointed out that i have the catch phase of "I'm gonna throw him through a wall." we just have some people that like to call us ever hour of every day and have the same conversation.
we got invited to go UFO searching. We had to pass on that great opportunity... we have to get permission for any 'cultural nights'.
one man we talked with about coming to church and keeping the Sabbath day holy... he called us later that night and said he had prayed about going on the Volga instead of coming to church and that God gave him permission..... At least he prayed about it.
Well... those are all the humorous things I’ve observed in this last week.
One 'miracle' in my book: Friday we met with a lady and talked with her about coming to church. She said she wouldn't be able to come because there's water at her dacha (garden cottage) on Sunday (usual response from bobooshki) i felt impressed to ask her if she would come if it rained. She said yes and then stated that the news had promised no rain for a while. I told her i would see her Sunday after it rained... she laughed a little and said we could come by Monday after she gets back from her dacha. Not five minutes after we left the air changed. Saturday night it rained. Sunday it didn't rain much, but God did water her dacha. This didn't help her to come to church this week, and she probably didn't even think about it in that way... but it was a testimony to me about what can happen if we just have a little faith.
that's all I’ve got.
I love you and hope all is well.
Love, Elder Ellis

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