Monday, August 8, 2011

A greenie training a greenie...

or at least that's what all the members here have been saying....
hello family!
I'm not sure how quickly this week went by. last p-day wasn't much of a p-day of all... so it seems like a really long week. But really it was 2 weeks in one.
My new companion is Elder Christensen. He's one of those Utah elders. (I hope that my mission president laughs if he sees that... he's from Utah too)
I'm finally not being dragged around! it only took a year. and perhaps most importantly: I KNOW RUSSIAN BETTER THAN SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no clue how happy that makes me; me being with native speakers for the last 7 months. But... he actually almost speaks as well as me. i just understand the russian accent more... although he speaks it better.
I don't think i've ever worked hard as i have this last week. it's just been one thing after the other. I've definitely been pulling the load by myself this week, and with my new companion sitting on top of the pile. Not much time to do anything but work work work. my journal is pretty much a hopeless cause at this point. This e-mail is pretty much the first 'me-time' i've had in the past 2 weeks.
it's good fun. I'm growing a lot. Learning a lot of good qualities... like patience. I'm always being taught patience. It's just been one thing after another. we got our phone stolen on this week as well... which makes it pretty hard to do missionary work. I considered this a trial at first... but once we got a new phone and a member starting calling us 20 times a day (no exaggeration) i realized that it was really just a blessing to be uncontactable for a few days.
We're having some success in the work... but we're going to need a lot more if we're going to reach our goals for the month.
Most important is that i'm doing my best!
"We need more speed Captain!" - "I'm given' it all she's got!!!"
Don't melt. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Keep me posted.
Oh. the circus is in town... but we're not allowed to go. sad. i was really hoping to see some lions.
Elder Ellis

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