Monday, May 2, 2011

So Long, Farewell to you my friend...

Well, Kazan was good while it lasted.
I'm getting transferred. Same song second verse... I’m going back to novoquibeshevsk! I'll even have another Ukrainian Companion. Elder Maxzimov. I actually was in the MTC with him and flew out with him (part way). I'm quite sad to leave this wonderful city... but I'm glad i can see the members in Novo-k once again. It's not a big change going back to the worst apartment in the mission.... I’ve been in the 2nd worse for the last cycle. One day i'll go to a nice apartment with fully functioning plumbing... and i doubt I’ll know what to do!
I'm also going to be a district leader now. At first i heard that i would be a district leader and i thought "easy peasy" as i knew the Novo-K district only consisted of my companionship... but they combined our district with the bezimonkski district. So i have the zone leaders and the sisters in the district. Should be fun. The sisters will be in my old apartment... I hope they like cat pictures with creepy human heads... and colorful duck tape toilet seats....
I'm writing rather early this morning as we are going to a picnic and then will be heading to see a few sights today before i have to leave the best city in the mission. Have to see it off in a good way.
This weekend we also had a baptism. My good old Muslim buddy got baptized! It was a wonderful baptism! He’s had a baptism set up before... but he didn't show. That was about 6 months ago. But we got him there. Although when we came out of a meeting with president Sartori a little bit late we were freaking out that he wasn't there yet! so we went out on the street to call him (bad reception in the branch building) and he was just waiting for his friend to show up. it was a scare. But he's now baptized, confirmed, and entitled to all the wonderful blessings that come from being a member of the church and having the gift of the Holy Ghost to help comfort and guide him. Definitely a good week. I'll have to write something about it in my favorite cat calendar :D
We also taught one investigator yesterday that is quite golden. We finished teaching about the restoration and asked her to pray to receive an answer for herself that the Book of Mormon is true, and she said "I don't think I need to Pray for an answer... I already believe it's true. I just feel it when i read the words" the member on the lesson said "well, still you can't just take the missionaries words for it, we're all just people we could be lying" to which she replied "I don't think Missionaries would lie" well..... we try not too.
Well i'm going to wrap this up for now. That's crazy weather you've been having. its just been sunny and warm here in Kazan. We’re allowed to work without suit coats already. haven't yet though.
Have you built your arks? Or at least repented?
Elder Ellis

p.s. unfortunately i Haven't heard anything about mothers days calls. I'll just try to call around 7 pm (my time) if we call on Sunday. I'll let you know when i know. Conference call it up this time?

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