Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eggselent 'pasxha' !

It's been a pretty good week here in kazan.
Easter came... we spent a little bit of time and each decorated an egg. I did my t-rex head. He made Elder Egg. At church my companion heard that if you squeeze a hard boiled egg in one hand that you cant break it. He tried it just as sacrament meeting was starting... he broke it. so we had to go wash him up. He did the washing... i just had to be in sight and sound.
Later on in the day we had a few really good lessons. We have a baptism on Saturday, one set for mid-may, and we set one yesterday for early june. We have a couple other investigators in the mix too, but have yet to set a date. The work is good in this area, The city is beautiful, and my companion and i get along well. But... transfers are coming up quickly and we heard a little rumor that only one or two companionships aren't being moved around. *sigh* it was good while it lasted. I just hope my companion gets the boot and i get to stay here in Kazan.
Later yesterday my companion heard that you can smash a boiled egg... but not a fresh one. So he tried. Unfortunately i was within sight, sound, and the splatter zone. Luckily today is P-day and i can do some laundry.
There's a dragon exhibit at the museum here. I'm trying to convince our zone leader that dragons are considered part of the culture so we can go for a cultural night. The city symbol IS a dragon afterall. But he seems to want to go to a ballet instead... Italian, about jews?.. what kind of RUSSIAN culture is that. DRAGONS.
We also got to do some good service in a park. there was about 20 members there and a few investigators. all wearing "helping hands" jerseys as we picked up all sorts of trash. It was hard to decided if there was more poop or empty bottles of alcohol there. I would say alcohol. but that's probably just because we weren't picking up the poop. But there was A TON of alcohol bottles. Russia.
We did quite a bit of work this week, despite being home 2 days from my companions foot. He had some warts frozen off. So we were able to bake my birthday cake and have a little birtday party for me. thanks for the cake and the blue frosting. My companion pooped BRIGHT GREEN after that. Mine was more of an olive green. You can edit that part for the blog if you want to. It's more of imformation for family... but hey... keep it if you so desire.
Well... hate to end on a crappy note... but time is up.
I'm happy and doing quite well. I'm sure you could tell from my finding humor in poop jokes.
i love you all!
love, Elder Ellis!

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