Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Under the Weather...

I found the pictures of the Joplin tornado rather interesting. I heard a little bit about the “tornado in Missouri” from a guy we talked to on the street. But I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. Especially when the number of missing people gets changed from 1500 to 150. I'll make sure to keep my Missourian friends in my prayers this week who have been effected.
In other Missouri news, my zone leader is from Kansas City and knows Garon Brett. We went on exchanges this week and we had a good ol' chat about the plaza in KC and good ol' Branson MO. He was quite pleased as I quoted the words from Fire in the Hole. “Fred flanders, you get back in here and put on ya pants!” “But honey, I ain't got no pants no mo'! The dang balknobbers stol'em!” “STOL'EM?! WHAT IN THE TARNATION WOULD THEY WANT WITH YA PANTS?!?!”
So yes, we had a good exchange. Learned a lot and the work in Novo-K has really started to pick up this week.
We did have a picnic planned for this saturday. But in the morning our branch president called and said it was cancelled due to 'bad weather'... 15-20 degrees C and partly cloudy isn't what I would call 'bad weather'... especially after a Russian winter. So we were a little disappointed, but rather displeased when we got a call from a less-active saying that there was a 2 less active families, 2 of our investigators and a few members all wondering where everyone else was. After that news I was just about ready to go back to bed. I'm a little sick, bad news, and we were supposed to teach on the 3rd hour in church the next day. But, I don't know how to take a sick day. So we went out on the street and actually had some really good success. The Lord blesses us when we choose to do even despite all the 'reasons' we have to Don't.
Other than that day it’s been getting hotter and hotter. We did hit 99 degrees F about a week back. My companion likes to complain about that. He's going to have a rough summer.. even though he's from Kiev where is usually hotter. (it can get up to 110-120 degrees here in the summer... -40 in the winter... 40 in the summer... I like my Missouri weather... but i'm not complaining.)
Other wonderful news! Visa trip this week! (I’m always sick when visa trips come up...) But, I’m going to Kiev this time. Not only to Kiev, but we get to go to the temple! I'm way excited. My companion is way jealous as he has to go to Kazakstan, and can't go to his home town.
Well time up.
I love you!
Love, Elder Ellis

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