Monday, May 23, 2011

Same Song, Second verse....

I'm beginning to think that my call letter should have actually read:

Dear Elder Ellis;
You have been called to serve as a missionary in the Russia Samara Mission as an Apartment Cleaner. As such, you will be expected to devote all your heart, might, mind, and strength in cleaning apartments. Etc...

Our Landlady called us up on monday or tuesday and told us that she had sold the apartment. So, we spent a good portion of the week packing, cleaning, and moving apartments. I've had experience with this the last time I was in Novo-k, so this time came a little bit easier. I am becoming quite the expert in closing missionary apartments. It's not a lot of fun cleaning up after years of 19-21 guys living in an apartment. My guess is that i'll get transferred back to Bezimonskii soon as I have heard that the landlady there is also trying to sell that apartment. But before that, i'll most likely get the opportunity again in Novo-K as our lease is only for 1 month, and we are currently searching for somewhere to live.
Other than that we had the opportunity to learn from Elder Seinkins. I believe he's from the area 70... but I'm not really sure. He spoke russian. I was able to stay awake and focus for the majority of his talk while he was here in samara. The main thing that I understood and learned was when he spoke about laws and commandments. He spoke about the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity exists. There's not much we can do to change this. Some people may think they don't need this law, and then they often find themselves asking “why do I keep falling down?” Others know of the law, but only see it as something that holds us down. We can't achieve great heights while we have this law working against us. But, there are those who cherish the law. They learn all the can about the law and see how it helps us in our lives. These are the only people that can learn how to fly.
Likewise we have commandments. Many see commandments as inhibitors of our freedom to choose. But, only when we learn and live by the laws can we become our full potential. Anyway... it was interesting.
That's about all the 'exciting' things that happened this. Atleast that I can remember. I find that I'm always tired. I fall asleep quite often. I fall asleep while studying, any BUMPY transports we take, church meetings on Sundays, and even on a lesson once in a while. I sleep wonderfully at night. I probably just need to eat more fruits and vegies. But... for that we need money. Which we don't have at the end of the month. But, my companion did buy some awesome, expensive dish soap from an investigator! So now all of our dishes can be cleaned... we just don't have food to dirty them up. Wise decision there. I thought we were supposed to be 'selling' the gospel... not buying things of the world.
Well outta time! I love you!
Elder Ellis

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