Monday, November 21, 2011

A White Winter...

We have a lot of snow now. It's pretty much snowed all week. Snow means warmer weather to, so that’s been nice.
We actually spent most the week in Toliatti at the zone leaders apartment.... I’m glad to be back in Kazan. Toliatti.... is not as nice as Kazan. And I’ve really grown used to my Florida companion.... when one of us gets transferred life might get rough again.
We were able to go to the temple on this last visa trip. Another great trip. There were more English speakers than Russian so they had it in English with Russian translations. I actually was hoping to listen half in Russian. Going to the temple helped me to realize that we need to focus more on not just getting our investigators baptized, but making sure they progress towards the temple afterwards. It’s a little harder to do here in Russia since there's no temple here yet. But it would help solve the problem of new converts (and other members) going inactive. We just get the flak for new converts going inactive. Branch leadership does a lot to try to convince us not to baptize people because they don't think they're ready and will just go inactive. I think they should just help us on more lessons and make sure relief society and priesthood meetings aren't just people arguing about doctrine.
Anyway... the church will grow and become stronger in Russia.We're having 2 baptisms coming up. One this week and one the next. We’ve got a lot of investigators that could be ready in December, so we're looking companion is a really good impersonator of people. He's really helping me to enjoy the colorfulness of some of our leaders and members here in Kazan.
Happy thanksgiving to all! We're having a big thanksgiving dinner for the ward that we somehow ended up in charge of. Should be good.
Most important, i won't be forgotten!
Love, elder Ellis
(pictures of Temple in previous post)

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