Monday, September 26, 2011

Army Surplus...

Well. It's been a good week. Went by fast. I think if they keep me in Kazan the rest of my mission it will seem like a month.
This week we helped out at a member’s house helping him do a remont. We put some holes in the wall and broke down old Russian furniture. I do like being destructive.
Our apartment still needs a remont done... and I’m thinking about working on actually getting cabinet doors put back on... we just need the time to do it. Last week we got home from our errands with only 20 minutes of p-day left. That was enough time to put the groceries away and eat an apple.
We somehow ended up with a good amount of money at the end of the month. I'm excited to eat well this next week. The best part is that we've almost got enough stickers at our grocery store for a free pan! we've only got one more week to spend enough money there to get it before the program ends... so... 2 weeks of plenty... and then 4 weeks of a nice pan.... just with nothing to cook in it. Elder Kazikov took the other one they got home with him. That's what stinks about white washing an area... you get there and there’s no food, no pans, and no plans. But we're managing.
Its Russian fall now... which is more like a Missouri winter. Hanging around 10 C and cold and rainy most days. My Florida companion isn't too happy about that. I'm not complaining yet... i just wish the Russian Gov. would turn on our radiators so i can stop having to sleep in the only sweatshirt i have... which happens to be my v neck that i wear under my suit coat.
I do have my dino footie pajamas though... it’s not that cold yet though.
I sent a cd with pictures on it last week. Let me know when and IF it gets there. I guess the SD card and that letter never made it... oh well... it was a cheap SD card.
My favorite thing about Kazan is my favorite Russian. He's 47 years old and somewhat mentally challenged. Every week he comes up to me and points at a picture of Christ and asks
"Elvis, Elvis! Eta Eesoos? Eta Eesoos?" Yes... that's Jesus. "Slava Boga!"
But even better is when he goes through the Liahona and tries to find me a girlfriend.
Which reminds me of how many investigators that we have that sell flowers. Basically every time a flower lady tells us we need to buy flowers, they become an investigator.
"Why would we need flowers? We don't have girlfriends!" "Why not? Handsome young men as yourselves... you should have girlfriends... buy flowers" "nope, cuz we're missionaries... you should be baptised... read this Book"
That's not a direct translation. But gets the point across. Our goal is to stop getting the flower ladies to tell us to buy flowers. And who knows... maybe 1 or 2 of them might get baptized.
Well... gotta go.
Today we're going to park pobedi (victory) to take pictures of tanks and airplanes.
Love you
Love, Elder Ellis

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