Monday, September 19, 2011

The Greatest City in the World!

And back to the worst apartment in the mission. You win some, you lose some, but I’m not complaining.
I'm in the same area of Kazan that i was in last time, so this transfer isn't a total 'white wash'... but it sure kinda feels like it. I don't know any of our investigators yet, and I’ve forgotten half the branch members' names. I'm not entirely sure how to get around,... but i never knew the first time i was here. But... I’ve been doing pretty good. And asking for directions is a good way to get people to actually talk to you.
My companion is Elder Bearden. I'm jealous of his last name. it contains the words 'Bear, Den, and Beard' it doesn't get much manlier than that. He's from Orlando, Florida.., the other old persons / family vacation spot in the U.S. Just with that we already have a lot in common. And being from Florida means he's not from Utah. Not that that matters....
This week we rode with the church driver on the bumpy roads of Russia, and 8-9 hours later ended up in my old apartment on the north side of Kazan. It was already midnight, so we went straight to bed and arose 6 short hours later. I forgot just how dirty this apartment is. Mainly because when i came last time, I was coming from an even dirtier apartment. Today we spent an hour just cleaning the fridge and the silverware drawer. That’s going to be a fun p-day project. Once everything is clean maybe I’ll work on fixing doors and cabinets.
It's not really as bad as my description is making it sound... but... i could just be used to living in dirty apartments. My last companion complained about the apartment we had in Novo-k... I really couldn't find anything to complain about there except the fact it was filled with our land-ladies junk. Although we did enjoy some of the fur pelts she had lying around.
We got to do a little service this week for a member. He just bought a new apartment and is starting to do a re-mont. I don't remember if that's understandable in English. Remodel. So we helped him haul out some old furniture, wall paper, doors, bathtub, oven, and everything else in the apartment. We basically stripped it down to the concrete box that all Russian apartments really are. He made some soup for us afterwards and we taught one of his friends. I wish we could remodel our apartment. (Russians are pretty much always remodeling... i think our family might be a little Russian in that manner)
It was pretty good soup. But i do have to say that it wasn't quite as good as the things I’ve been making lately. I'm actually starting to cook pretty much every day. I've got a small arsenal of things i like to cook now... plov, tacos, crepes, noodles in sauce, French toast... omelets... eggs... hash browns... fried potatoes... shakes.......cereal....... ok, so maybe i still don't really make that much. But it's improvement.
Speaking of food, i got a package from my favorite mother. THANK YOU.
The Tuesday after i sent the list of things i would want, i thought to myself "Dang... I didn't put cheesecake... i REALLY want some cheesecake." I guess our brains connect even from half way around the world.
Well... Gotta wrap this up
Love you!
Love, Elder Ellis

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