Monday, June 13, 2011

busy week...

Hello hello
Bru... The baby... is a cute one. I made sure to show the lady at the post office (where we usually use the internet now that we changed apartments) my new plemenik… but she didn’t really seem to care. The girl that cut my hair last week didn’t seem to want to talk about him either. Probably because he hasn’t been given a good name.

It’s been some week in Russia. Started out we traveled out to some members who live out in the middle of nowhere. (I baptized the 13 year old son when I was here in Feb). To travel there we have to take several different transports, hitchhike a little, and wait long periods of time at bus stops in the middle of nowhere. Not a very effective day of missionary work, but that is why we only go out there once every month or so. At one of the bus stops we had a guy pull over to talk to us. It turns out he met with missionaries a while back until he moved out to the middle of nowhere. After 2 hours or so, we finally made it to the village where the members live. They live in a small village that has more chickens than people (in their defense, there are a lot of chickens) we helped them work in their garden, ate lunch with them, and talked about who they could invite to hear about the gospel. That night my companion ended up throwing up all night and I didn’t feel so hot either. The next day my companion slept and I cleaned our apartment and made some calls. We both just got over our sicknesses, and I hope I’ve seen the last of my diarrhea.

But, despite our sicknesses, we had a rather successful week. We found some new investigators, had a wildly full house at church, and set up a baptismal date for the 25th. The Lord really helped us out as we worked despite our excuses we could have had. Our newest investigator (with a baptismal date) reminds me a lot of my GRAND mother. And she already gifted me with something ‘lying around the house’. (I got my package this week from my GRAND mother! Thank you!!!!!!) Speaking of mail… I got the pictures you sent, mom, and I was way excited to see some canoes, and some good ol’ reminders of some of our more “special” memories.
Well… this has been kinda scatterbrained and short… but I gotta go.
Transfers are coming up this next week, and it sounds like it’s going to be another drastic change for everyone. Should be interesting.

Love you!
Love, Elder Ellis

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