Monday, April 18, 2011

Suprise Zone Conference...

before i forget. I got the package from mom. Thanks!
Also thanks to kortney for the ice cleats. I got the package and opened it on the FIRST DAY that the ice melted off all the side walks. They should come in good hand for next year though. Thank you!
So this week we had a surprise zone conference. We took a 7 hour bus to Togliatti on wednesday, working in the area with the elders there that night. then the next day had zone conference. President just showed us on a pie chart how much time we waste by not talking to people on buses and not calling during lunch. Its a lot. we came back on friday. On Saturday we just went back to our old ways of not talking to so many people on buses and such. But this time, at the end of the day we felt HORRIBLE and were quite grumpy. So we've changed our ways now. I talked to SO MANY people on the bus yesterday! No 'real success' but at the end of the day i felt like i spent the Lord's time well.
Our trip to togliatti was fun. I pet a camel. And did a lot of contacting in a tiny area. (our area is half of a HUGE city... theirs is 1/10 of a BIG city) so yes... there area is tiny. which means they've pretty much talked to everyone already. which means most people were not very nice. I heard more english swear words directed at us than i ever did in High School. I won't say i'm glad i'm not serving in that area... but then i would get transfered there. So i'll just say i'm quite happy to be in the beautiful city of Kazan where we have lots of work and a huge pool of investigators. We should have atleast 2 baptisms by the end of the month. and I assume a couple more in the following weeks.
I've got not a lot of time (our old internet place shut down so we had to find a new one... and we haven't learned the system yet so it takes a while.)
so i'll wrap this up.
I hope all is going well. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! love you!
Elder Ellis

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