Monday, March 14, 2011

Talking to women...

Well hello!
Talking to women is not very fun.
My least favorite part is when I talk to an unattractive young woman that you can tell thinks she is VERY attractive. When she rejects me, my self confidence goes down.
Other than that, this week has been pretty… fast.
Tuesday I got the flu. Well… last Sunday I got the flu. But it finally convinced me to give in to it on Tuesday. It wasn’t a throw up flu. Just a “my body aches, and I cant stop coughing” flu. Apparently its going around the mission quite quickly. The Russian word for flu is “GREEP” and so it’s been said that “Satan has really got a GREEP on the mission right now” ha ha ha.
The good news is that I am pretty much better from it now. Most everyone that has gotten it had to stay home for a couple days with it. I’m “lucky” and only had to stay home one day with it. The next day I might have stayed home with it, but I had to get on a plane to Vilnius again. Yup… I was the jerk on the plane that probably got everybody else sick. Especially since one of the planes is a small Russian double propeller plane. Despite my sickness and the stress of passport control and short layovers I had a good time though. Every plane ride on UTair you get a meal  even the hour long flight from Moscow to Samara. I guess you can say I eat pretty poorly when Russian Airline food is the best meal I’ve had all year.
One funny story from trip. There were 5 of us in our group. All American elders. And in the morning on the way to the airport president gave us a little motivation to talk to women… called a lecture.
So as we sat down for our LOONG layover in Moscow on the return home, a rather good looking girl sat down next to Elder Derby. Being the boys we all are, we started to tease him so he would talk to her. Well he eventually did and we were all having a really good time commenting on the contact. Soon enough 2 of the elders lost their seats (bathroom trip) and returned to sit by a lady in her 40’s. Elder Smith started talking to her, and we started talking about their conversation as well. Pretty soon Elder Walton joined in the fun and started talking to someone too. I had a few comments on that conversation as well. It was at this point that I realized my immaturity and said to elder Swainston “you know… I’ve been sitting here commenting on all of these conversations, when I should just be talking to someone myself.” The second the words came out of my mouth a man sat down next to me. Elder Swainston then looked at me and said “Oh look! The Lord has sent you an opportunity to repent!”
Dang it. After I stopped myself from laughing I talked to the man. Had a good little conversation with him until he said “oh my flight is leaving, I got to go!” half an hour later we found the same man sitting down stairs reading the newspaper.
Well, I am going to wrap this up. I’m going to buy a lighter coat today because I’m starting to get hot in the one that I have. Temperature here is getting up to 1 or 2 degrees celcius during the day. -7 at night.
Oh, our investigator that has to wait to get baptized…. 1 year, 8 months. Dang. He wont even get baptized while I’m still in Russia.
Well, Love you all!
Love, Elder Ellis

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