Monday, March 21, 2011

the REAL first day of spring...

Well hello!
this will be a shorter e-mail as my mother demanded i send her a personal e-mail... so i have little time.
Yes, today is the actual frist day of spring. I just bought me a lighter coat for the occassion. I hate the markets... i'm the kind of shopper that doesnt like people to help. I like to think a lot and i don't like to be pressured into things. But in the reenok (market) they attack me like a hoard of wild russian boars. those things are deadly. only most of them are from vietnam or kazakstan or some other countries. the worst part is they all notice my bad speach and heavy accent and go "oh american!" and then lead me to all of their most expensive things. they don't realize just because i'm an american in a suit doesn't mean i have a lot of money.
The weather has been warming up. snow had started to melt this week. Everything is muddy puddles and slush and more snow. but its also continued to snow. Spring here is nothing like spring at home.
The work has been slow, and we've had a lot of distractions. (we had to spend 3 days deep cleaning an apartment that we're no longer renting... the worst part is that we then had to return to our dirty apartment after 3 days of cleaning)
But, i believe the work should pick up in about a week or so. we've done a lot of finding... just not a lot of teaching.
well thats really all the time i have.
i did get 2 packages this week. 1 from GRANDmother and one from David and Marci. Thank you very much. Letters will be sent to you soon!
well i love you all!
Elder Ellis

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