Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of Winter in Russia!

Yes, today is the official last day of winter here in Russia.
I’m a little excited, but not getting my hopes up to high. First off, The official first day of spring here in Russia isn’t until next Monday. I’m not sure exactly how that works… But today is the day that Russians all eat pancakes for breakfast. I did not.
But yes, last day of winter. All I have to do now is wait one week til the start of spring. And then after that all I have to do is wait until it gets warm. Russia has some strange seasons.
Also this last week was “day of the defenders of the Motherland” or to better describe it, “man day” on Feb 23rd all women in Russia honor the men, whether they served in the military or not (most have). So last Sunday one of the members gave us a pair of socks and a hankerchef each. It was a good gift. Next Monday is “Woman day”. Maybe we’ll do something nice for the sisters in our district. They made us no-bake cookies.
It’s been a rather good week. My companion and I were able to sort out some of our beef with one another on Tuesday, and then we found a new investigator the same day! Must be something to the ‘working in unity’ that helps us to ‘serve with the spirit’. I’ve also been reading a lot from the Liahona in spare time. That has helped me a lot to be a better companion and missionary. The conference talks especially.
Our new investigator is pretty much golden. We’ve met with him 3 times now, and he came to church yesterday. He has a baptismal date set for the 12th of March. I feel like it’ll play through. He’s very humble and accepting. Which, speaking of humility… I need to work on this myself. I’m trying.

Ok, I’ve heard I have packages coming my way from a couple people. Sorry if I haven’t been much help in helping to think of what things to fill a package with. I don’t really know. Your guess is as good if not better than mine. But, I have put some thought into it this week and here are a few suggestions since I have been asked.
Oreos – cake stuff (birthday!) – blueberry muffin mix – small muffin pan – imitation maple flavoring – mission appropriate songs (not sure how you might do this? NOT Mormon tabernacle choir… I’m sick of them.) – cinnamon rolls- just pretty much food of any kind.
Suggestion. Put things in zip-lock bags. So they don’t leak.

Well, I am out of time. Sorry for the vage letter. Sorry I cant spell.
Love you all!
Love, Elder Ellis

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