Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day fam!

howdy family
Well, i'm still in Novoquibeshevsk, still with elder Troyhemenko no transfers recieved here.
but, I'm ok with that. I believe mom preached to me about changing my attitude. i havent read that yet. but my attitude is changed. I think it just takes me about 5 weeks to adapt to changes. and well, i've finally adapted and we had a good week. except for the work... the work was dead this week. But my companion and I havent contended with eachother for 7 1/2 days now. There is hope.
So i finally got some mail! actually i got a ton of mail thanks to grandma and lisa writing weekly dear elders. The oldest one was from Jan 3. except a letter from lauren pledger that she sent to the MTC in early november. I have to say that MY GRANDmother writes the best letters. sorry everybody else... you all lose. you all write VERY good letters and i love to read them (and yes, i always have time to read your letters... just not time to write back as much as i would like to) But GRANDmother's letters are the best. keep them coming grandma!
I don't really have a lot to say about this last week. it snowed, it was cold, we walked a lot, and a lot of people didn't talk to us. But that's not news, that's every week. About the only exciting thing this last week was that my companion and i got along well, and my 'best friend' sister wilson has been in my district this past week. She was in the MTC with me (she is a cycle behind) and the only words i really said to her in the mtc was "Samara?! BEST FRIENDS!" she actually thought i was a native russian the 6 weeks we were in the mtc together. but anyway, i was very glad to not be the only one not knowing a thing that was being said in church on sunday. she goes back to her zone tomorrow, so i will again be the only person that is lost in the language.
other than that.... that was my week. I was really glad to hear about how things are going back home from 2 good sources. And i have a lot of comments, but i'm going to include those in some letters that I hope to get out soon.
well, sorry for the lame e-mail
love, Elder Ellis

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