Monday, February 21, 2011

Battles, Monsters and Triumphs

Well XHelloo!

That’s about the closest I can getting to typing how I say ‘hello’ now. I mostly use it when addressing cats, dogs, pigeons, and the zone leaders.

This week has finally been the Russian winter that you all think I’ve been experiencing. I’m told spring comes on March 8th… but spring just means that it’ll maybe be above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. So… I’m excited for ‘spring’

From this week… I basically have just one story to tell. It’s about our adventure in the frozen tundra. We received a referral of a family who lives in a part of our area that is a small city between novo-k and samara. We got a bus to take us out to the area, but then had to make it on foot to the other side of the area to the address. The temperature was -30 degrees C. (-22 degrees F). It was dark, the roads are icy and uneven (of course.. it’s Russia) It took us maybe an hour to walk to the other side of the area. In that hour we had many adventures. Well… I say we… but I think it was mostly me that was adventuring. My companion was a couple steps ahead so I think he missed the battles, monsters, and triumphs.

Battles: navigating the icy uneven roads in the dark without depth perception. I’ve decided that having depth perception is KEY in knowing where to trust the placement of your foot so that you do not fall. My fall count before this week was 13 for the winter…. But in one hour it jumped to 20. My back was sore for a day or two afterwards… but sleeping on my “mattress’ on the floor seems to have healed it. Ha.

Monsters: or shall I say “beast”. Yes, for everyone who has ever seen “The Sandlot” I met “The Beast”

I have to say he is scarier in real life than when I was a little kid watching him on TV. I’m not normally afraid of dogs… or animals for that manner (remember when I tried to pet the buffalo?) but this was no dog. It was a monster. I was SOO happy that he was behind a fence. I don’t really think the fence could have contained him very long… he really wanted to eat me…. But I didn’t stick around to find out.

Triumphs: well… I really just wanted for there to be 3 things on the list. 3 always sounds better. There weren’t really any triumphs. We finally got the address and ALMOST got to introduce ourselves before the door was slammed.

In the words of miley cyrus… “it’s the climb”

The important things are that 1. It was an adventure. 2. We made it home eventually 3. Despite my doubts, I WAS able to ever be warm again.

Today is -30 with the sun up… I’m kinda dreading the 6-9.

But… I’m doing the Lord’s work…. I wont freeze.

Love, Elder Ellis

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