Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My bags aren't packed ...

We've got a baptism coming up on the 30th! Another one around that time, but we're not sure if that will happen before i go home.
We met her when we were dropping by some former investigators. We knocked on the former's door and his mother wasn't at all interested in talking to us. so we started to leave, but decided we should knock a few more doors in the building. We went up to the ninth floor but there was a door leading to the hallway with all the apartment doors and it was locked. So we headed down a floor... same thing. Went down the next floor knocked on a door, taught a short little lesson, prayed with her and set up a return meeting.(her daughter later called and told us to never come back) We decided we'd head down to the next floor before knocking any more doors, but on the way we ran into a young man. He asked us some questions and he invited us in. We taught him and his mother a lesson and his mother just took it all in. It was miracle timing as his mother explained to us that she doesn't answer the door, especially to men. Her son was the ticket in. She also told us she's seen missionaries on the street before and has always wanted to talk to them but they've never approached her. We've returned and taught her 3-4 times now, and she came to church yesterday and she wants to get baptised! The son has some problems, but is already showing some desire to change.
The work is going along pretty well lately, stayin pretty busy and pretty happy. It's weird to think i have less than a month left now.
Zone conference was pretty good.
I'm getting a little tired of riding hot, muggy buses packed full of people crossing over the Volga where everyone is swimming and having a good time. Looking forward to a good air conditioned car and driving TO the river and not just past.
and, looking forward to seein you all soon! My bags aren't packed or anything, but you know how i like to wait til the last minute
(literally) to finish packing my bags!
love you!
love, Elder Ellis

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