Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

E-mails after calling are always a little hard to think what to say.
It's getting pretty hot here, we're hopefully gonna have the air conditioner able to use next week. What a luxury. Didn't have one last year... that wasn't fun. We even have TWO fans! I broke one last night singing some ray charles into it... (i'm not THAT bad of a singer.. i just knocked it over...) So last night was a little sticky without a fan blowing on me. But i fixed it this morning with some blue duck tape and super glue, and now it works better than it did before. I'm such a handy-man! Though i did end up with my fingers and and a few eyelashes stuck together. don't worry ma. I fear mentioning anything to do with eyes.
Looking foward to some canoeing when i get home.
This week there's a member district conference. Kiev Temple president will be in attendance. Saw him just last week. I also found it a little weird when they spoke a little louder than usual during the fire drill.
Exchanges with the zone leaders this week too. I'm not dreading it.
i've humbled myself.
well... I love you!
love Elder Ellis

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