Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Made It!!!


I am SO glad that it is finally p-day so that i can write home! I hope all is going well there! I don't have much time to write (i spent a good portion of my alotted 30 mins on setting up my e-mail account since I did not know to do this before arriving... bleh) So this e-mail is probably going to be a little bit shorter than i would have liked.

So, I made it!!!! YAY!!!!! Be proud of me!!! I am so far LOVING the MTC. The spirit is so strong here and i have learned so much so quickly! I now know how to bear my testimony, pray, introduce myself as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and tell them about my message, Ask if, when and where we can meet and a few other words and phrases. I haven't prayed in english since saturday. My MTC companion is Elder Rigby... like the town in Idaho. He's a pretty neat missionary.... we are working hard on being a unified companionship and seeing the good in each other. Did i mention that we are working HARD at it? So as far as living with him thus far its not been a great experience.. but I'm sure i will grow to love him. This past sunday was fast sunday and i felt as if as senior companion i needed to fast for this purpose. Things are already getting better as I strive to serve him as much as possible. I know that as I serve him i will grow to appreciate him as a servant of God. I need to serve him a lot. haha. Its also hard because we are the only companionship in our room. Most rooms have 2 sets of companionships and so a total of 4 people.

My district is a pretty awesome district. there are 9 of us all together, 7 of those Elders are going to Ukraine - Russian Speaking, and Elder Rigby is going to the Rustof Mission in Russia. It's also in south western russia... down by georgia. So yes, I am the only missionary in the MTC right now that is going to my mission. That'll be interesting. Our whole district is super fast at learning the language. There is another district of Russian speakers who got here the same time as we did, and every time we talk to them about what we have learned it blows them away. I am greatful to be in such a great District.

This first week has been pretty hectic. My e-mail wasn't set up, I've had problems logging into to our language assistance program, and i forgot my pants at home. Mother, I got your letter and I just figured out I got a package... My Pants I pressume? I'll figure out here soon. Also, I have quite the list of things that I am needing from home, so i will be sending you a letter here soon with a list of things i need. oh and also go onto my bank account and change the text message service over to your phone number so you will know when I spend too much!

Like i said, I LOVE THE MTC! I've learned so much and the spirit here is so strong. Sure, its hard being with a new person and not having anyone here that gets me. I need my companion to be Elder Owen Allphin :( I know that we would work so well together and would take things much more seriously than my companion does. He will learn. Today I went to the temple and it was pretty neat being in there with a buttload of missionaries. I look forward to going back each tuesday morning. Oh, if you haven't figured it out by now, my P-days here are on Tuesdays.

If you could, Please respond via dearelder.com. That will give me more time to read what you have to say as 30 mins goes SUPER fast! i want to spend all that time on writing, and not having to read e-mails. Once i leave the MTC I would LOVE e-mails tho. Mom, tell everyone the info they need for dearelder as I am not going to spend time to look it up right now. I'll be writing some letters later on today. I have many people i want to write to, so if you don't get an letter this week hang in there! Well time is running out quickly!!!! gottta go!

I love you all and pray for you ALL THE TIME.

much love,

Elder Ellis

send love back!

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