Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 Down, 10 To Go

Hello all!

so.... apparently i have a new e-mail account? um... at least thats what it said as i signed in? so if any of you sent e-mails to me this past week... i didn't get them. and well none of you probably should have if you got my e-mail last week saying not to e-mail due to lack of precious e-mail time. Remember to use dearelder.com :)

So another week down in the MTC... 10 to go. goodness gracious. Time in the MTC is such a strange thing. Things that happened this morning seem like they occured a week ago, Things that happened a week ago seem as if they happened only yesterday, and it has felt like i have been in here for months now... yet days at the same time. Through out my stay here at the MTC i have found some funny quirks. First off, sickness spreads like wildfire. One person in our district got a minor cold, and suddenly we are all using tissues like they are going out of style. The only thing that spreads faster than sickness is a song. if you start to hum or whistle or sing a song... within minutes someone will pass by you singing the same song coming from the opposite side of the campus. Now... the MTC is definitely hard work. The days are busy, and so much is being crammed into my tiny brain. ughh... these elders in here are being quite loud and i cant think what to write. um.... lets see... sundays are by far the best days. i thought that p-day would be my favorite days, but i have learned that it is exactly as it is called: a day to prepare. these days are crazy and i hardly have any time to write. sundays are as they are set to be: a day of rest. by rest i merely mean that they are less busy than all the other days. but boy are they still busy! throughout the rest of the week the only thing that seems to keep me sane is sand volley ball and letters. yes, i am becoming quite the avid sand volleyball player... despite my lack of depth perception. i'm getting pretty dang good... and i've only been hit in the face with the ball once or twice due to my vision. its all good. speaking of injuries, i have obtained one. its a really sore red area next to my gash on my shin. i have concluded that it is either a spider bite, a boil, or my wound has become infected.... if its not better by thursday i'm going to go see Sis. Johnson in the medical place (Who i met one of my first days here and we talked quite a bit about owen and his shoulder). lets see.... oh i LOVE seeing familiar faces! its a strange sight to a missionary not from utah. on daniels first morning here i saw him and jason wachob talking and i ran to give them both a huge group hug. then i scurried off to class. this morning i was able to stand with daniel in the breakfast line for a good half hour and talk to him. it was rather nice.... though he made me feel foolish with russian. Russian is coming along.... but boy is it hard. so much so fast. I know i will get it, but only through the Lord's help. I know how to pray, read for pronounciation, bear testimony, introduce myself and tell a little about me, and our district memorized joseph's smiths first vision in 3 days.... a new russian record. Oh the native russian missionaries arrived! I love talking to them... but again, i feel so foolish as i can usually only understand a few phrases. one of the sisters is from a town in the samara mission! maybe i will get to meet her family as she serves in ukraine. from what conversations i have had with them, i have grown to find out that they all love the cartoon "Cat Dog" Bahahahaha! they spent several minutes trying their hardest to talk about it in english with me. the world is a small place i guess? Today we were able to go with them to the temple for them to take out their own endowments... such a neat experience.

another way that i have kept myself entertained is by my color matching. as many of you know, i have 5 colorful watches with matching ties, red orange yellow green and blue. i've not deviated from wearing those 5 ties. i've also added some black socks with color heels and toes, and a matching pen in my pocket daily. i only lack yellow socks and a yellow pen :\ i think i can find a yellow pen in the bookstore, but i might need some help on the socks. ill send home the extra pair sometime so you can have a reference of whaty to get. or i might just take a picture and send that with a letter. speaking of letters, i would like to thank Kendra, Lisa, Mama, Grandma, and Lauren for all sending me letters or packages. They help to keep me sane. the rest of you.... well.... improve. remember how easy dearelder.com is! oh and if you didn't know my estimated departure date is OCT 12... so kendra hurry up and have that baby! My room now feels a little more like home now that i have some decorations in it. thank you kendra. dinosaur pictures, colorful things, and my favorite: glow in the dark stars above my bed.

well time is quickly running out. so i must make ends to this letter. I hope you're getting these? mom, you didnt comment much on this so im a little unsure... but lisa mentioned it i think so you must be.

i hope all is well with everyone. keep in touch. im praying for you. know that i am happy to be here.

hopefully next week's letter will be a little better. love you all!


Elder Dustin Ellis

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