Monday, July 2, 2012

Last One...

It's strange to me that I'm sending my last e-mail but it is starting to set in that i'm going home. I'm way excited about it, a little apprehensive, and kinda sad. Lot of good people here, i'll miss them. I do love Russia and hope to visit. We'll be starting in moscow and working our way down the volga to kazan samara and engels. Engels isn't much to look at, but i've definitely gained a few friends here. It's a little hard to think that i'm going home and won't be able to see a few baptisms that i've been waiting to happen. I'm sure they won't be soon, but when they do make that step, it would've been nice to see it. Makes me kinda wish i served in america. But not really.
We did have a baptism this week however. Good end to the mission. First baptism was my 2nd week, last one 2nd to last week. good book ends. Much better than ending with 7 months of not filling the font.
This Chapter is ending, time for the next. Ready to be home... just savoring the time i have left in the Motherland.
well... some difficulties with the computers has made me run out of time... i guess we'll just talk about everything else next week :) love you all! see you soon!
love, Elder Ellis

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