Monday, December 13, 2010

Walkin (and sliding, and falling) in a Winter Wonderland!

Well another week has gone by.
Not a whole lot has gone down this week, but it has seemed to be a successful week. We have 3 new investigators and 1 that we're hoping to get a baptismal date with soon. so... 4 in all. I was kinda surprised yesterday when we were adding up our weekly totals to report. Because honestly, i havent felt all that productive this last week. But, I look at what we have accomplished this last week, and its a pretty good amount.
We've been gearing up for Christmas and all the strange things that go on during that time. Elder Swainston and i found some decorations that "sisters from christmas past" have left behind, and so we decorated a little. We have a 20" tree with lights and 6 bell ornaments, some ribbon, and a star on top that i made out of yellow post-it notes. we have garland around the window sill in which the tree sits, with some red and gold globe ornaments. a nativity set cut out thing we found in one of the Liahona's (church magazine) and i have cut out about 7 or 8 paper snowflakes and taped them to the window. all in all its a pretty sweet... yet humble... set up.
I've heard i've got a package or two coming my way, so i'll be sure to give a shout out when i get them and what all made it. I also sent an e-mail President sent to me about calling home. i havent really read it yet... but you can!
So this next week should be quite the busy one. tomorrow and wednesday we have mission conference. all 68 missionaries are coming to samara for 2 days. 7 of which are staying in our apartment. cereal and spaghetti is on the menu. I've still got a few things left to hide in the apartment... if you dont want it used... hide it. And aparently things end up missing when elders come... i'm not a big fan of the whole "what's yours is mine" idea that goes along with being a missionary. I seem to think...there's mine... and there's yours... and then there is ours. I guess I need to be more Christ-like and charitable. but its both a blessing and a curse to have the extra missionaries in our area. more to feed, more to make messes, less quite, less peace, more stress.... but a good boost of work done in our area. but that has taken a good deal of planning.
Thursday might be a normal day. we have planning...from 1:00-4:00 so its not really a normal day... but as close as it gets this next week. Friday... visa trips. so i'll be getting up at 4am... getting on a bus, then a plane, sitting in moscow airport, getting on another plane, running through customs in.... another country(forgot which one), turning around and going back to the same plane, sitting in moscow airport, getting on a plane, getting on a bus... and getting home around 2am. not exactly the 'vacation' like atmosphere our teachers in the mtc told us about. Things have changed... the church has figured out how to make these trips a lot more effecient.
saturday we have sports night... maybe. our zone is really bad on making plans for sports nights.... so they never really happen. which is a shame, i think they could be really good finding / reactivation opportunities.
its not too cold here lately. high teens low 20's in F. ice on the ground... that was fun at first. got old kinda fast. I'm working on perfecting the "slide-walk" at-first because it was fun... but now because its a lot easier. The fall count in now up to 7. I fell on the stairs outside of our apartment one day and my back was sore the next day. BUT... i've made it a goal to nall fall this week. so far so good. *knocking on wood*
I'm getting a little sick... just a little bit of a cold. green snot. but that's not really sick now is it. definitely nothing to complain about.
Well... i gotta get going. time is running up, and the guy behind us is trying to tell us that we think that God was an american. so, hopefully we can give him some of the facts about our religion instead of the crap you find on the internet.
love you all! hope all is well!
love, Elder Ellis.

P.S. I have a microwave... i get on the internet in a internet club thats in the basement of some building and everyone around us is playing world or warcraft... its kinda shifty, but gets the job done. Theres no usb drive so i can send pictures, but i'm working on finding a way to get some out. oh, and if you have a question CAPITALIZE IT so i can skim through and answer it. otherwise the chances of it getting answered are low. hope to hear from all of you. and anyone can e-mail me. but i must write home.

pps. request my email from my mom.

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