Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to Russia!

So i now have my flight plans! Next Monday morning I get up at 4:00 am and head to the salt lake airport. my flight leaves at 8:44 so I’ll most likely call in this time? I’ll try not to make it too early... maybe around 7:30? I dunno.... I’ll worry more about that next week. I’ll call mom's cell-phone. at 8:44 at fly to JFK in New York, where i have just an hour layover before i board my flight to Moscow at 4:30 pm. from there i have a 16 hour flight? i dunno... time zones... math... not gonna figure it out. but i land in Moscow at 10:10 am on the 12th. I think have a 12 hour layover in moscow airport. at 9:30 i fly on Aeroflot Russian International airline to Samara. Which apparently the amount of baggage i am allowed goes WAY down... something like 44lbs TOTAL. so needless to say i get to pay quite a bit for luggage. I haven’t been told if the church just pays for it, i pay for it and am reimbursed, or if it’s just not covered by the church. I've heard its about $250 for the luggage that i will need in cash. SO if you would mother, please put about $300 in my account so that i can pull it out in cash. i'll probably pull it out on Saturday. If i am reimbursed i will just use that money for a coat when i get there, or if not i'll let you know then how much i need. Oh, i did get my new debit card btw and all is good with that. but yeah.. i land in samara at 11:10 pm. im sure i will be quite tired at that point after 2 days of planes and airports.
So all of that means that today is my last p-day here in the mtc. oh, and i'm calling the mail cut-off right now. if you're sending mail send it to my Russian address now! i have no clue what that is... but i think you do mom? you can continue too send me dear elders until Friday tho.
So yes, today is my last p-day in the mtc... and its a pretty stressful day. This morning we did an endowment session in the Temple, and then also a sealing session. AND the native Russian elders were all late so we had to wait a good hour for them. So our busiest p--day yet, was largely spent in the temple. I'm not complaining, it was perhaps my last chance to go to the Temple for 2 years. It just has made the rest of the day a little stressful. Today i have to write a good amount of letters, get a haircut, PACK, buy some supplies from the bookstore, do laundry, pick up dry cleaning, and a really only have about 3 hours to do all of that! it cant be done. so if some of you that have written don't get a letter this week, i'm sorry! I just want this day to either be A LOT LONGER or just be over.
So the rest of this week has actually been really good though! I stayed awake for all of General Conference! first time ever?? I really enjoyed the opportunity to listen to a prophet of God and His apostles. I especially loved Elder Ucthdorf''s talk on slowing down and worrying less. Something i should re-read today! I'm generally very good at that concept... just not stressing about things but just slowly and diligently doing my best... but today is different. Today is actually the first stressful day of my mission. I guess it actually started last night... which caused me to sleep very poorly.
oh speaking of not enough time to do everything. i need to get off! please e-mail me my Russian address so i can get on and get that later today. i'll only have a minute or so, so i wont write back but i need it!
well, love you! i'll be calling next week!

love, Elder Ellis.

Dustin's new address is now-

Elder Dustin Ellis
Russia Samara Mission
VODNIKOV Street 95-1
Samara oblast 443099

It takes .98 cents in postage to mail a regular letter.(one regular stamp and two postcard stamps do the trick.)

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